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Initially Chris started playing Spanish guitar at the age of 11 and this made Tino (the elder brother) somewhat jealous of his mini fame with the relatives! This prompted Tino into action and over time he actually made a guitar and formed a band with some college friends playing various covers tracks from bands including Thin Lizzy, Status Quo and Wishbone Ash. It was at this point where Tino asked Chris if he could play just four strings! And thus take up bass guitar for the band. This was the beginning of the Praying Mantis era, which saw the brothers solidify their musical working relationship, which was to last over twenty-eight years with Mantis. The Mantis situation gathered momentum in 1990 when Chris & Tino played in Japan with Paul Dianno & Dennis Stratton (ex Iron Maiden) and Bruce Bisland from Weapon to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 'new wave of British heavy metal'. Dennis and Bruce continued to work with the Troy brothers as the new Praying Mantis and under this line up (with various lead vocalists, including A.S.Sweet's, Tony O'Hora) there were some 10 albums released worldwide. In 1999 when Danny invited Tino to rejoin Paddy Goes To Holyhead he also extended the invitation to Chris and once again the brothers continue the strong working relationship the shared in Mantis. Further info at

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